Shadow Brother

"The Choir Invisible" 10.25.19

The track is a mellow, sweet folk song about ‘bad times turning into good times,’ says Shadow Brother’s Toby Vest. ‘Moreover, it’s really about self realization and being honest with yourself about what you want and being okay with finding it. It’s about looking back at a betrayal and accepting that you never had what you deserved or wanted and how through new possibilities, you can emerge from the darkness to see that what you’ve wanted all along is here in the present, allowing you to accept the past and let it go. Acceptance and relief.’
This coming February, Shadow Brother will release their new album Delta Of Time, and today we are excited to premiere the title track right here on Glide Magazine. The catchy, upbeat tune has a bit of a New Wave-y pop sound and you’ll find yourself bouncing along and tapping your feet.
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Having spent so much time collaborating on other projects the actual formation of Shadow Brother was a natural transition back into working on their own songs.
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